pHlour loaf - batard

pHlour loaf - batard

This is the queen of our selection. Accompanied by organic whole wheat flour and natural levain, our artisan bread flour is the king component like many of our breads. This bread is created from a fermentation process of 36 hours and will remind you of a full-bodied, country loaf taste.

Pain au Levain - batard

Pain au Levain - batard 1.5lb.

Crafted from our naturally grown sourdough starter or levain, this Pain au Levain will have you thinking of the first time you ever laid your taste-buds on sourdough bread. Feeding our sourdough starter twice a day on a strict schedule, we make sure to utilize the fermentation process to evoke the most amount of flavor possible. The sourer the better.

1 pound sourdough loaf.jpg